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Best Antivirus for Mac


Obtaining an antivirus is a vital step toward securing your computer. Nevertheless, it seems like Apple users are left in the cold. With the majority of malware targeting Windows, Mac seems to get served sub-par variations of recognized applications or, worse, fair dedicated choices.

In this guide to the best antivirus for Mac, we will go over the few great options available. While most are a part of a multi-device plan, they nevertheless provide exceptional protection and a listing of attributes, to boot.

We are going to discuss how we made our selections, examine lab results and provide you other reasons why we enjoy each. If you are a regular reader of our guides, it should come as no surprise that we rated Bitdefender first, but make certain to go the other four picks if you would like some options. We also suggest reading our article about the best VPN for Mac for even more security.

What Makes an Antivirus Best for Mac?

According to Web Marketshare, 88.13% of desktops use Windows and, because of this, most malware is written to attack it. Having said that, macOS accounts for 9.27% of this market share, which is not insignificant. There’s only a different set of threats to Apple users.

Antiviruses are ordered differently on macOS because they’re searching for different malware which behaves in various ways. It isn’t as straightforward as slightly rewriting the software to run on the operating system. That means some of the best antivirus software is not available for macOS, or, worse, is not any good.

Our principal concern is that a Mac antivirus will not have the ability to resist the list of dangers Apple products confront. While the identical cybercrime approaches apply, the software may differ. We consulted three separate labs to discover the most secure macOS choices available on the market.

Protection against known threats is important but simple. We also looked at the real-time protection of every antivirus, in addition to how it did with zero-day malware, which can be attacks carried out the same day an exploit becomes known.

Security is our first priority, but there are other significant areas. We looked at the usability of every program, including their scanning modes and preferences, to determine how well they balanced it with power.

Since antiviruses have evolved, they have added more features, so we also looked at what else is supplied with each security bundle. That includes things like webcam protection, that is the first recommendation in our guide about the best way best to secure your webcam.

There are not as many antiviruses for macOS as there are for Windows, so the purchase price isn’t a big element. We believed it, but not at the price of attributes or, particularly, security. If there’s a free plan, that is a plus, but only if the antivirus fulfilled our other standards.

Make certain to check out our guide to the best free antivirus if you are trying to save cash, though.

Final Thoughts

Mac users have trouble finding a good antivirus. Typically, it seems like mac OS versions are afterthoughts. Our five picks have received high marks from independent labs and come with a fantastic list of features, also.

Except for Kaspersky, the single-Mac plans feel lethargic. Luckily, Bitdefender, Norton and Trend Micro offer multi-device programs that secure your desktop computer and mobile device.

Committed Apple fans may want to check out our article on the best cloud storage for Mac and our very best Mac backup piece.

What Mac antivirus are you using? Tell us in the comments and, as always, thanks for reading.