Antivirus Software, also called anti-virus, is a specialized computer program designed to stop, detect, and eliminate malicious software. It is similar to an antivirus that checks for virus signatures within files and creates a list of potentially infected files. The user scans the computer for infections with this program. When the scan detects an infection, it displays a list of files that could be infected, giving the user the option of either removing or protecting the file. A good antivirus should perform several tasks, including detection of virus, removal of infected files, and possible updates.

There are several common types of antivirus software. The most basic type detects, checks, and removes specific files or subdirectories from the computer. This type of antivirus software scans directories, files, and Internet connections for any viruses that match the virus dictionary. Some advanced variants of this basic program may be capable of detecting and removing viruses that are disguised as other files.

Different antivirus software programs offer different levels of scanning. Basic and lower levels of scans are adequate to protect the computer from malicious software. Higher end programs are capable of more advanced scans that identify virus signatures that have been associated with spyware, Trojans, worms, and adware. These higher end scans are generally recommended for larger organizations that may be at a higher risk of being exploited by malicious software.

Some antivirus software programs are designed for use with specific devices. For example, there are programs that can detect and remove viruses from portable electronic devices such as digital cameras and mobile phones. Other programs may be designed to detect and remove malicious code from corporate network servers. It is important to test the antivirus software on the types of devices and networks that will be subject to the software.

It is also important to evaluate how each antivirus software program will work in combination with internet security solutions. For instance, it may be more beneficial to use one application to protect the computer and internet from viruses while another application is used to monitor the activity on the computer. Some antivirus programs offer the ability to identify threats that have spread through the use of email attachments.

Many people do not realize that there are many options available to protect their computers and private information. The options include basic Antivirus Software programs, as well as higher end Antivirus Suite programs that can detect and clean the threats that are disguised as other applications. It is important to evaluate the needs of the company and the type of software that will be most effective. While it may cost more, it may be necessary to have the business maintain a large budget for proper internet security for both the company and personal information. Proper implementation of antivirus software can help to prevent the loss of company data and personal information.

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