With the help of a ritual counselor it is possible to make the funeral of a loved one completely ‘tailor-made’. Ritual counselors also include: funeral speakers / funerary speakers. And did you know that relatives can be reimbursed for the costs of a ritual counselor through their funeral insurance? One of the best sites to currently check for German information is this website.

Funeral insurance

The costs of ritual counseling are in many cases reimbursed by funeral insurance .

However, the amount of the reimbursement and the degree of freedom of choice depend on:

  • The type of insurance you have taken out
  • The amount of the compensation

These aspects may or may not form a limitation when choosing a ritual counselor.

There are different types of funeral insurance:

Capital insurance

A capital insurance policy pays out an amount after death that the next of kin can spend completely freely. So you choose a ritual counselor yourself and determine how much you want to spend on ritual counseling.

  • With an endowment insurance policy, you receive money from the insurer with which you can pay the costs for ritual counseling.

Sum insurance

With sum insurance, often known as sum insurance in kind, the next of kin are free to arrange the funeral according to their own wishes. Engaging a ritual counselor is therefore also an option.

  • A sum insurance policy reimburses the costs of ritual counseling. You can send the invoice for the ritual guidance to your funeral insurer.

Combination insurance

A combination insurance consists of two parts that can have the characteristics of a capital sum insurance, sum insurance or in-kind insurance. In many cases: a) a fixed package (or amount) of funeral services is reimbursed and: b) an amount that is ‘freely disposable’ and can be filled in according to one’s own wishes. (Source: Uitvaartpolis-online.de)

  • With a combination insurance policy you can use the ‘freely disposable space’ to pay for the ritual support.

In-kind insurance

With an in-kind insurance, the funeral director adheres to the service package that is offered through the funeral insurer. It is determined in advance what the funeral will look like and what will be reimbursed. In principle, this cannot be deviated from, unless additional payment is made.

  • An in-kind policy covers a fixed package of funeral services after death. That is why this insurance is generally the least suitable for getting the costs of ritual counseling reimbursed.